Get Involved

The project team is committed to a transparent and thorough stakeholder engagement process that ensures multiple opportunities and pathways for participation.

Outreach Events

The project team attended two events in 2018 to increase awareness of the project and encourage participation in scoping. 

  • Harbor Days (Aug. 31 - Sept. 2, 2018)
  • Olympia Arts Walk (Oct. 5, 2018)

Additional events for 2019 are under consideration.

Stakeholder Briefings

Enterprise Services provided briefings during scoping, at the invitation of individual, established organizations. Briefings included a presentation regarding the current scoping process, environmental analysis, preparation of the EIS (including Work Group participation), and the public involvement process. Participants were invited to ask clarifying questions to help in submitting informed comments during the scoping period.

Additional briefings are anticipated when the Draft EIS is released.

Community Sounding Board

The project team is convening a Community Sounding Board representing a diverse range of interests. This group will meet up to once per quarter until the Draft EIS is issued to provide feedback on various EIS elements. If you or someone you know would be interested in participating as a member of this board, please complete the online application.


  1. Enable a diverse group of people to engage in focused discussions, and individually or collectively provide input, feedback, perspectives and recommendations relevant to the EIS analysis.
  2. Use Community Sounding Board (CSB) outcomes to inform subsequent discussions by the project team, Enterprise Services, and work groups during the EIS process.
  3. Participants in the CSB will provide information, exchange ideas, and provide individual or collective perspectives around substantive topics. Areas of agreement will be identified should they emerge, though there is no requirement to reach consensus. Information from CSB meetings will be shared with the project work groups and considered as decisions are made, but the CSB will not make decisions for Enterprise Services.

Candidate criteria

Applicants will be screened and selected to fulfill the demographics and interests represented below.

  • Adults, 18+
  • Resident of affected communities, tribal member or other Washington State resident
  • Non-agency / non-elected
  • Not a work group member
  • One representative from any single organization
  • Contributes to diversity of interests
  • Contributes to demographic diversity
  • Interest-based perspective, open to learning from others

Recruitment timeline

  1. Recruitment (Feb. 4 – 25, 2019) – application published on website and announced to public
  2. Applicant review and selection (Feb. 18 – 28, 2019) – project team will review applications and identify stakeholders that meet candidate criteria
  3. Applicant notification (early March 2019) – all applicants who provide a valid email address will be notified of selection/non-selection
  4. First meeting (April 8, 2019)